We are the PRwallahs

This is where we are supposed to make lofty claims about how we are turning the digital world on its head by employing outside-the-box thinking into creating award-winning campaigns for our clients. But we’re refreshingly honest and sober, and this is how we’d like to describe ourselves -

A small company that bends over backwards to deliver tailored digital PR solutions to big brands, small brands, entrepreneurs, story-tellers, restaurateurs, financial institutions, essentially anyone who wants to cut a fine figure in the digital world. We know where to train the spotlight on - you and your brand as we are good backstage.

With PRwallahs, you get Social Media Management, Digital Content, Blogger Relations and Online Reputation Management (ORM) under one roof! We are a team of people with no-nonsense attitudes, whacky ideologies, and obsessed with all things old school, Bollywood and pop culture.


Digital PR

We manage your online presence with key content creators and online journalists to increase your brand’s reach and visibility. This increases trust and credibility, conversion rates and ROI, and brand equity. To put it simply, we catapult meaningful content to places where it is guaranteed to get noticed.

Campaign Strategy

We work in close collaboration with clients to design resonant campaigns that can be activated across multiple channels. For a campaign to be powerful and profitable, it needs to be planned down to the last detail and that's exactly what we do.

Content Creation

We have got the ultimate goal of content creation cracked - which is to develop useful and usable content that’s tailored to entice and engage your target audience. We create and execute content across various channels and platforms to encourage conversations and drive engagement with your brand.

Influencer Outreach

From the emerging players to the established ones, we will get you on the radar of popular influencers in your niche who will, in turn, get your brand in front of people who matter. We work with you to amplify your message on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & YouTube.

Blogger Outreach

We will you connect with relevant bloggers and help you leverage their influence in your community to promote your brand. We connect your brand with the right bloggers to amplify and distribute your content across social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & YouTube.

Blog Management

Keeping a blog going can be a daunting task in terms of topics, consistency, and execution. This is where we come in the picture; we help you with content ideas for your blog, optimize them to the highest standards and monitor their performance.

Channel Management

We manage each of your individual social platforms right from scheduling your posts at optimal times and days, regulating content flow to maintaining a proper story/theme line that is relevant to your brand & running successful campaigns for the same.

Blogger Management

From hunkering down to brainstorm ideas for their blogs to managing their activities and associations, we provide on-going digital and PR support to bloggers so that they can give their undivided attention to things that only they can do for their blog.

Online Reputation Management

Unjustified comments and unfair reviews, negativity can linger in the online world for many years and ruin your reputation. We step in to counteract the negative publicity around your brand and use our strategic expertise to reduce susceptibility to future threats.

2500 Onwards

Social Media Counselling

Whether you are a newbie who needs our assistance to set up social presence from ground up or a seasoned veteran with an in-house marketing team that requires guidance, we help you achieve optimum results for your brand. We are the only digital PR agency in India that offers a comprehensive social media counselling service - right from plumbing the depths of your business to advise you on befitting social platforms that will help move the needle to offering strategic recommendations for ideal post frequency, timings, & ad campaigns - we take care of everything.

Social Media Audit

We comb through each of your social media channels to understand your followers, demographics, engagement rate, hashtag performance, and the whole nine yards. We help you identify areas that need improvement as well as give tactical recommendations to supercharge your online marketing activities



Tea person, Grammar Nazi, PRwaali

Dhvani is a hard-core Enid Blyton fan and can be often found trawling bookstores for old copies of her favorite childhood reads. Apart from books, she is also passionate about tea and will work on the trot all day when properly caffeinated. She studied at Birmingham City University, UK and has work experience of over 2 years in Digital PR handling mandates for various renowned clients such as Mondelez India, Edelweiss, Thomas Cook, & Franklin Templeton to name a few. A digital native, Dhvani works closely with clients to articulate their goals and deliver strategic solutions and wide, beaming smiles.


PR Wallahs is known to maintain a track record of immensely successful Public Relations and Social Media campaigns and prolific clientele list known to execute strategic communication campaigns based on insightful research, helping clients connect with their audience in today’s competitive market.

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